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Exclusive Cheats
« on: October 08, 2020, 02:00:22 am »
Gent and I talked about the need of this feature earlier and felt the need to post before I forgot the majority of what we talked about (This has happened all too often)

The reason behind this feature is simple.
There exists cheats that should not be enabled together.

Enabling the cheats together will trigger something bad, either a soft lock or undefined behavior.

Therefore another format will be added to better control these cheats.
Enabling one of these exclusive group cheats will disable the enabled cheat within the same group.

I was thinking of Cheat_E0 as the format to go with, where E0 is the group name (Exclusive Group 0)
This will also have an additional underscore and number to follow the cheat numbering scheme we currently have.

Yes that will get wordy but it's necessary because we need some way to note things are grouped and we will need to have a unique way of identifying cheats (Since they may have options, notes, etc...)

Unfortunately we cannot hobble something together and keep backwards compatibility.
This has to be a change that breaks from the previous convention because of the way 1.6 and 2.X handle cheat searches (Namely, they start at 0 and increment until it fails to read a cheat at a number.... so if Cheat10 is not inside the file it will stop counting up)
At least that's been my impression so far with what I've touched, if I'm wrong and we can keep some semblance of compatibility it would be fantastic but I am by no means going to purposefully maintain compatibility.