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1.6.1 Manifesto
« on: July 12, 2011, 01:33:49 am »
A lot of ideas have been flowing around so I thought it would be good to get a plan together.

We are working towards releasing version 1.6.1, not a service pack, at We are trying to minimize the changes to provide a stable release that is easy to document for others and for ourselves to test. No fancy rewrites and if we must add new features, we consider them very valuable and can be developed with a modest effort. Our intention is not to copy 1.7 but if possible to take any key bug fixes that easily can be retrofitted that would be of great benefit.

To accomplish this we have to realize we are under time as well as resource constraints. This is a minor release.

The site itself will consist of a simple content management system (TBD) with a basic downloads area and news blog. This development forum is private and should not be linked to.
Additionally I will be putting together the package for release if you have any bug fixes for the Core please upload them to rad's ftp server and let me know, do not post them here.

Here's what I am expecting we will have at the end

update config and support files    (Gent)
metadata subsite url issue (Witten/Rad)
update plugins          (Jabo)
rumble fix to the core          (Jabo/RadeonUser/Witten)
memory search/cheat (Witten)
other small changes
kaillera? or independent netplay?

we are waiting for:
content management system subdomain    (Martin)

.. and that is basically it quite achievable, please work with me on things before you get attached to seeing them in the release, and read this manifesto if you get lost ;-)
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