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Title: PJ64 1.6.1 Anti Aliasing issues
Post by: Smokey_PC on November 25, 2017, 03:31:08 pm
So i found an error with the newer GTX 10 series Graphics cards from GeForce. where anti aliasing is concerned you have 2 settings that work together. when running 8x FXAA you cannot run the Anistrophic Filtering further then 8x or the render will be incomplete, BUT if you run FXAA 4x with 16x Anistrophic Filtering the load isnt too much and you get smooth render at resolutions of up to 2K. 4K isnt supported but the 1080p users will have a brilliant display at a smooth 50fps. Also loading times are faster running your Gcard at a native resolution with these settings running as the cards are built to be pushed and these settings make if so the game is a standard PC retail game in need of a push for graphical power.