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Title: Project To Do for SP List
Post by: Gent on July 10, 2011, 12:11:55 pm
I know Rad is going to/is doing a full list but i am just writing this down as i remember it.

Anything with a line through it will indicate fixed in any build that follows this post.


File Meta Section for About Ini Dilog:

[Meta]Homepage= < This example will result in a blank page where as:[Meta]< This example will result in a correct URL refferal.We need to allow for sub sites in all ini files as they are more common then ever.

Rumble (Force Feed Back)

Rumble for Jabo Direct Input in 1.6 is broken in the exe and just results in a constant (pulse like) rumble effect and forces the user to have to use Nrage.The fix in the 1.6 source is not actually a fix?This is an issue that needs adressing.


Jabo's DirectSound Issues

Sync Game To Audio Games Broke ( < Click Link To View
Title: Re: Project To Do for SP List
Post by: Witten on July 12, 2011, 11:28:40 pm
Code: [Select]
  Main.c line 170case WM_COMMAND:       {
         char String[200];switch (LOWORD(wParam)) {case IDC_RDB_HOME:             {
               sprintf(String,"http://%s", RDBHomePage);                ShellExecute(NULL,"open",String,NULL,NULL,SW_SHOWNORMAL);             }
            break;case IDC_CHT_HOME:             {
               sprintf(String,"http://%s", CHTHomePage);                ShellExecute(NULL,"open",String,NULL,NULL,SW_SHOWNORMAL);             }
            break;case IDC_RDX_HOME:             {
               sprintf(String,"http://%s", RDXHomePage);                ShellExecute(NULL,"open",String,NULL,NULL,SW_SHOWNORMAL);             }
Title: Re: Project To Do for SP List
Post by: RadeonUser on July 13, 2011, 12:12:22 am
VS2010 build with Witten's modification.
Just don't add http:// to the files.
Title: Re: Project To Do for SP List
Post by: RadeonUser on July 14, 2011, 05:25:37 pm
I'm wondering how we all feel about the CIC-NUS-6105 algorithm that should, in theory, replace the pif2.dat file.
I would like to try to incorporate the algorithm into PJ64 and see if Banjo Tooie still runs sanely.

The second thing I'm wondering about is the permanent cheats.
While I do appreciate the need for them I've always felt uneasy about them.
I know Gent brings up that we should at the very least hide them better but I would like to stick to Witten's idea of not relying on them at all and fixing the core.
The latter is a lot more difficult so I don't know if it's possible to do but it would be entertaining to see if the core's issues can be fixed.

Aside from that I'm not aware of sufficient issues to compile a full list of issues.
I know there's small tweaks that Gent is suggesting but those can be handled on an individual basis.
For example, one that's not on here is to shove the configuration files into their own folder similar to how 1.7 handles things.
I think that's small enough to not mention on a list since it should just be changing the default directory's path and possibly adding some error checking.