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Title: Small Fixes
Post by: RadeonUser on August 09, 2017, 02:45:17 pm

Just getting back into the groove  :(|)

Allows more input with cheat search.
Changing Directory Recursion option now updates the rom browser once the change is accepted.

Title: Re: Small Fixes
Post by: RadeonUser on August 09, 2017, 08:36:13 pm

More fixes for Cheat Search.
Should no longer crash if you try to use it again after closing it.

Title: Re: Small Fixes
Post by: RadeonUser on August 10, 2017, 12:12:59 am

Few more fixes.

Show CRC1 and CRC2 recalculation
This is partially done, only works if the rom is loaded. I am looking into it.
Derby Stallion 64 (J) (Beta) is one game that uses this.
The recalculated CRCs are in ( )
CRC1  0x96BA4EFB (0x97229D81)
CRC2  0xC9988E4E (0x6EBBDB79)

Show file size for rom in rom info if the file is uncompressed.

Yes I realize this doesn't seem like much but I'm going to have to get used to programming again if we're going to take this project forward.
I already see many hurdles ahead that will require rewriting a bit of code just to simplify things for me.
It will likely not result in much being seeing by the end user sadly.

Title: Re: Small Fixes
Post by: RadeonUser on August 10, 2017, 12:35:45 am

Gent mentioned multiple Cheat Search windows could be created.
This will stop that from happening.

While it might be nifty to have multiples the current incarnation simply isn't built for multiple instances.

Title: Re: Small Fixes
Post by: RadeonUser on August 17, 2017, 04:28:43 am
So here's what's happening right now.
PJ64 1.6.1 is written in C and I'm having quite the problem recalling and dealing with certain things, such as WinAPI.

It's to the point where most of my day today (a free day from work thankfully) was spent on trying to research the WinAPI functions. Neko's post was a welcome diversion until I looked at the code relating to the issue he pointed out and I got more of a headache. Most of what I saw was a liberal amount of copy and paste with no regard for maintainability.

Right now I'm considering starting the port over to C++ and dealing with issues as they arise.
It can still be managed in C and things can still work out but I'm having problems even dealing with the simpler issues, like the simple cheat search gui.

The problem is any port that I do would take a while, a long while, considering that I'm working long hours most days. As the season winds down and we enter the cooler temperatures I'll have less work so this might be something to look at very soon, possibly next month.

I just want to get everyone's thoughts on this. It will happen but it's just a matter of how long to put it off for. The sooner I work on it the less polished this C version will be. Will we want to maintain both a C and C++ version? Is there any reason to? Can we make things even easier for me and just go for a .net frontend? Will that be too much of a jump?

I will piecemeal things of course, the core will be shoved into their own dlls (interpreter/recompiler) for later porting. Leaving the gui and higher stuff to do first.

It's all just so  ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X(